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Yukon Back & Ab Machine


Yukon Back & Ab Machine

Our back / ab machine is designed for developing two of the most important, yet often overlooked muscle groups in the body: the lower back and the abdominal muscles.

Help reduce injuries, reduce lower back pain, and finally bring your physique together from top to bottom. Fully adjustable to accommodate users of all sizes and completely comfortable with thick, durable pads and rollers. Combines to form a 45"" Hyper Extension and Sit Up Board in one unique space saving design. Our new Back - Ab Machine: Brings it all together.


Fully adjustable back pad and leg supports
Thick, comfortable pads and rollers
Simple assembly
Heavy Duty 12 gauge steel construction
Unique space saving design

Weights Sold Separately

Dimensions - 52"L x 29"W x 33"H

Capacity - 300 lbs. total weight

Warranty - Limited Lifetime In Home Warranty

 Back & Ab Machine

 Back & Ab Machine

Yukon Back & Ab Machine

Only $259.99

 Add to Cart Item# BAM-160

Shipping Included!

Exercise - Ab Crunch

Starting Position: Sit on the seat and adjust according to your body. Hook your feet under the bar pads if appropriate, depending on the machine.

Movement Performance: You must do four things at once to perform crunches. Force your shoulders toward your hips. Use lower abdominal strength to pull your hips toward your shoulders. Use your upper abdominals to pull your shoulders toward your hips. Forcefully blow air out of your lungs.

When you perform these four tasks, you will feel a very powerful contraction in your front abdominal wall. Hold this contraction for a brief moment, return to the starting position and repeat the exercise.


Exercise - Hyperextensions

Using a Hyperextension Machine as shown above.

Emphasis: This excellent movement effectively isolates the stress on your spinal erectors, glutes, and hamstring muscles.

Starting Position: Usually this exercise is performed on a special bench constructed specifically for it. Stand facing the larger pad. Lean forward and grasp the handles in front of the pad to maneuver your body into a position with your hips across the larger pad and the backs of your ankles resting beneath the smaller pads at the back of the machine. Be sure to hold your legs straight throughout the movement. For beginners or injured, cross your arms over your chest. For those needing a more rigorous movement, place your hands behind your head and neck.

Movement Performance: Arch upward and backward until you rise just past the point where you are parallel with the floor. Undue or excessive arching of the back is not only ineffective but potentially injurious. Return to the original starting point (without rounding your back and losing any of the arch) and repeat the movement.

When you perform these four tasks, you will feel a very powerful contraction in your front abdominal wall. Hold this contraction for a brief moment, return to the starting position and repeat the exercise.



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